Computer programs to improve Poker playing

Artificial Intelligence is the buzz phrase of the world today. So many sectors use artificial intelligence with resounding success, and in particular one of the latest uses of this is in driverless cars. Many years ago, such a thing was the stuff of sci-fi fantasy – in today’s world they are a physical reality. Artificial Intelligence is used more and more in our world today, so why not apply it to online Poker? There is a software package called Liberatus, which has been developed by Professor Tuomas Sandholm of Carnegie Mellon University and his Computer Science PhD student Noam Bowen. It is the first software in the world to beat professional poker players. The first challenge that arose around developing a software program for playing poker was the development of the algorithms. In poker, players can’t see their opponents’ hands, therefore it is difficult to define the algorithms as the software can’t operate with all the facts, unlike in a game of chess where all the players can see the board. The main tactic of poker that was also found to be extremely hard to replicate with artificial intelligence was the ability to bluff, and to interpret other players’ body language to work out if they are bluffing, particularly if the player was steaming or tilting. However, after much research this has now been rectified and a computer program is available to help players play better poker. The program has been thoroughly tried and tested in top online casinos and has been a huge success because of its ability to beat top-level international and experienced players. For a player who is just entering into the world of poker, this type of program could be the key to ensuring success in their first online casino games.