What is Rakeback?

Rakeback in poker used to be quite a common occurrence as a bonus feature, but in recent years, the trend seems to have faded. For years, there were a lot of players who made their entire game profit through rakeback, but with fewer casinos and poker rooms offering this as a bonus option, it has become harder for players to do this. When poker games are played, there is a small percentage, or ‘rake’, that is collected by the casino from the pot that has accumulated. This is essentially taken in lieu of an entrance fee, and is how the casino can profit from offering these games. When poker became highly popular, many sites offered what was known as rakeback to their players, in an effort to keep their loyalty. Essentially, rakeback is the player being awarded a small percentage of the rake money. This usually occurs on a monthly basis, so that players who have played a lot can essentially make a decent amount of money even if they have been losing. Different casinos offer varying forms of rakeback, with some offering it on the number of hands dealt to a particular player, whilst others award it on what the player contributed to the pot. For example, if a player has placed in over £1000 in rake, and the percentage return being offered by the casino is 25%, then the player can make £250. Each site offers different terms and conditions, so players will need to look around for themselves rather than jumping onto the first bonus they see. In some cases, the casino may require the player to reach a certain points level, and this will see them rewarded with perks such as cashback, but this is not the same as rakeback. However, as poker has become more mainstream, it has not become so lucrative for casinos to offer this sort of bonus. Bearing this in mind, rakeback is becoming much harder to find.